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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Countdown - 1 Month until departure

Here it is, June 18th.  I leave on July 18th.  Amazing how time flies and stands still all at the same time.  As of Wednesday, my condo will be empty and all items in storage, donated, or stuffed into 6 suitcases that I pray will fit the luggage requirements with size and weight :) 

It seems like forever ago that I registered for my job fair and then a month later was officially offered my job.  I can honestly say I'm ready though.  At least, I'm more ready than not. I'm nervous but that is mostly because I don't do change well.  I'm not spontaneous at all and have almost everything I do on a schedule.  I think this will be good for me, but the uncertainty can be terrifying, if you allow it to be.

I am at my parents lake house for the weekend and its nice to spend some time with them.  I doubt I will be back to the lake before I leave.

I also think that I will have my jeep sold before I leave for Florida as well. 

4 more days of work, then I'm off to a 17 day Florida vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Tampa, and Indian Rocks beach.

As I end this, I wonder who I will still stay in touch with, and who I will not.  I could guess but I will try not too.  It's funny how I'm closer to a few people in Tampa, 4 years after I left, than I was when I lived there, and some of my closet friends, are no longer really communicating.