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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arriving in Guatemala City

I must say that my first day was a memorable experience for me; for better or worse.  To begin, my driver was suppose to pick me up in Antigua @ 8am.  She did not arrive until 8:35am.  She did call and say she would be 10 minutes late but ended up being 35 minutes late.  As is typical of Guatemala. 

This driver didn’t know where my school was so she took me to the airport where I met and was transferred to another car and taken to my school. 

CAG apparently has 2 entrances.  We eventually found the right one but by this time, it was raining.  I got my car keys and the driver took me to my car and we unloaded my luggage from Antigua to my car, in a steady rain.

I then drove my car from one part of the parking lot to another.  I parked and once I got out, was told I had to back it in.  So, I did as instructed.  I got my house keys and was ready to leave, but then we needed to put my other luggage in my car.

So, I moved my car, for the 3rd time in the same parking lot, (yes, its’ still raining) and loaded my luggage.  At last, I am ready to follow the school driver to my new home.
 And I do have a rain coat inside a suitcase somewhere and an umbrella is sort of hard to hold while loading suitcases.

And yet, my car, all of a sudden would not go into gear.  ANY gear.  NOT EVEN REVERESE.  So, I’m panicked.  One of the guys from the school played around with it and got it into gear.  I was then give 2 mechanics to contact. (this is not a car issue,.  Apparently, it was put in 4 wheel drive so all is fine)

I followed Paola, to my new house and she directed me right to my front door.

I was elated.  The house is SOOOOO much better than I had even imagined.  I will post a video once I get everything in its place.

I walked in and had a note from a fellow teacher, LINDSEY, who offered to help me. 

I should add that somehow, some of the bills were not paid over the summer, but Lindsey helped at ton.  So, I have no Internet or house phone.

She, Lindsey, allowed me to use her internet and actually had an extra cell that I could use.  I ran a few errands and then, Lindsey took me to Walmart. 

Lindsey was absolutely awesome.  She helped a ton in Walmart, as well and a few other stores.  And gave me some of her duplicates of household items! .  I am so grateful.

I spent the evening unpacking and making another walmart list.  By 10pm, I had 5 suitcases emptied but not everything had a home yet.  Although, it was a great start.

I headed to bed around 10:30.  I was woken up around 5:15 by a neighbors crying baby. 

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