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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


     As I get ready to return to the states after 4+ months in Guatemala, I have been rehearsing my answers to the questions I expect to hear numerous times.  Today, however, I realized how much my reality has changed by being here. 

Here are a few examples: 
* My security fee at my house is more than my electric biil or my cable/internet/phone bill 
* Every time I go visit a friend, I have to check in at the guard gate with my id
* Every time I enter a shopping center, I have to get a ticket or a card so that when you leave, you have the same card and the car is supposedly not stolen
* My mind immediately divides by 8 to see what it would cost in US $$$
* I see guns everywhere, since every guard carries one
* Stop signs are treated more like yield signs
* I sometimes don't notice if the radio is in English or Spanish
* I could buy flowers, nuts, and fruit, from my car, while waiting for the light to turn green

     This all came to me the other day when I was having dinner at a local restaurant.  The guards came in for the cash drop and 3 of the guards had, what looked to be, double barrel shot guns.  I know very little about guns so I really don't know what kind they were, but I just went back to eating.  I didn't even think twice about it.

    Reality can change based on a lot of things, but I certainly say that location can make things change the faster.  Its safe to say that that is why I am here.  I was ready for a change and here it is.  It seems so second nature though, in such a short time.  I wonder if anything back home will strike me as weird, after being away.


  1. It totally will feel weird to be home. I was only in Mexico for three months and I had so many things to adjust to, like all of the white people, the difference in the weather, the over consumption of everything. I think the last one got to me the most. We have so much and so many of us take it for granted. Keep us posted!