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Friday, July 8, 2011

Florida Vacation - countdown 10 days

I'm in the the final hours of my 17 day Florida vacation and I have enjoyed it but honestly, have not been able to really relax much.  So many "to do" items running through my head.

I made my first trip to Key West with Colleen, an old college dorm friend, and had a great time.  Did some touristy stuff and some local stuff.  We stayed with some friends of Colleen that I can now call friends of my own.  A big thanks to Johnna, Ed, and Will for being great hosts.
                                                                Sunset Cruise

I then spent a few days in Tampa with Nia and Lisa.  I was also able to visit some great friends that I have managed to stay in touch with.

I ended the trip in Indian Rocks Beach with the Caldwell's.  I babysit for them a lot and this is my third time joining them for vacation.  My patience was a little less this time.  I think it had to do with my brain always over drive. But no one died and we had a pretty great vacation.

I leave in 10 days.  It crazy to think about.  I'm still excited.  Not sure when to pure panic will set in but I truly expect it any day now.  I have triple checked and confirmed my arrival plans.  I'm going to language school in Antigua, Guatemala for the first 2 weeks but at the airport, I'll be met by two people.  My job will be getting my extra luggage and have me sign some paperwork for my car and then I'll jump in the shuttle to Antigua.  With no passport I might add.  that scares me a little bit but, I'll have a copy and try not to break any rules.

For those in Atlanta, my going away party is Friday, July 15th.  If you didn't get the email, the evite is linked to my facebook page.

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