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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday - Day 3 in Antigua

I am totally in my element today.  Total nerd.  I will admit that the hour by hour blogs will not be the norm forever but with so many different things happening, I have no idea how to include them all.

I was awake at 5am by this annoying bird.  I put my ipod on and attempted to go back to sleep.  I got up for good at 6:30.  Got dressed, reviewed my verbs, and was ready for breakfast @ 7:15.  Breakfast was scrambled eggs with red peppers and onions and black beans that look like refried beans.  All mashed up.  A side dish of fruit was also there.  It is the same everyday so far: banana, papaya, pineapple, and watermelon.  I left for school and had class from 8-12.  I really am not gelling with my teacher.  She has no personality and I'm getting bored.  We had to take 3 breaks this morning.  I need more of an attention span.  But, I did kill her in the opposite match game :)

While at school, I got an email from Amy that my niece Kayleigh was at Schotish Rite with a broken arm and concussion.  My heart sank. I knew there was a very real possibility of stuff happening while I was away but was not expecting it on day 3.  I looked at buying her a gift basket or flowers to send but in the end, just sent her a heartfelt email.  What more can I do?  She has been released and is recovering at home.  She was horseback riding bareback and got thrown off.

I came back to my house for a lunch of soup, pork, and salad.  Then, out the door I went.  I went to the ATM to get some cash out.  Most banks have an armed guard at the entrance of the banks.  I guess to help keep everyone safe.  I then went to the super market. 

I bought an iron and blow dryer for $56!  I think that is crazy.  But, it was needed and is the only place in the city to buy it.  But, I got a 20 oz coke at the exit, and it was about $0.80.  Not that its even but really, how weird is that?  In Georgia, home of Coke, they are like $1.59 now. 

I made it home just for another 2 hours of lessons.  My afternoon teacher was Sara.  I like her alot better.  Instead of drilling me with my own flashcards, she does a question and I have to answer, using the verb and vocabulary in context. 

At 4, I left the school with another teacher to go to a presentation.  From 4:30-6pm I listen to a lady present on the Mayan calendar.  Supposedly, the Mayan calendar has reportedly "predicted" the end of the world to be December 12, 2012.  But, that is not true, according to the speaker.  The 26,000 year Mayan long calendar does run out on this date and then just starts over.  The sun will be in the center of the milky way.  (Yes, I'm a dork and don't care.)  Also, astrologically, the Mayan calendar is only off by 33 seconds!  Anyway, I listened to the presentation in english, then in Spanish.

I toldmy house mom that I would not be home for dinner so I went to a resturant very close to my house.  I had a hamburger, french fries, and 3 beers for $13!  Woo hoo!  My waiter spoke perfect English and was from Germany.  I also met 2 other patrons of the bar, a guy from Pennsylvania and a girl from Boston.  While I spoke to them only in English, I had a great time. 

So, it is now 8:45pm in Antigua and I have yet to start my homework.  But I am totally satisfied with my day.  Minus not being able to talk to Kayleigh during her traumatic experience.

Side notes: 
-I have yet to see a single person adopt the "pants on the ground" style of dress so its good to know its not spread world wide yet.
-Pineapple marmalade is awesome
-I have refused to ask what any food is until I taste it.  I ate a plantain stuffed with beans tonight.  It was great! 
-Pictures are on fb from my first 2 days and where I'm staying.
-I'm planning to book a trip to hike the volcano soon! 
-My spell check for Google is now in Spanish since I am logging in from Guatemala.  Need to figure out how to change that.

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  1. Love all of the updates. Please keep them coming.